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(Noticis pasākums) HVOB – CONCERT TOUR RĪGA

09.06.2023 21:00
FIRST CLUB, Rīga, Latvija

Pasākuma informācija

HVOB are going on tour to Baltic states for the first time, presenting a new album Austrian electronic duo HVOB are going to play their very first shows in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in June. Anna Müller and Paul Wallner are going to perform songs from their last album TOO during the HVOB live tour. TOO is the fifth HVOB album and the most diverse one so far. Müller and Wallner mix soft relaxed sound with a rough and powerful techno beat.

This mix turns TOO into a specific research of extremes – between hardness and kindness, between self-confidence and doubts. Research like this is what HVOB do in their music throughout their whole career. “TOO is dedicated to the state of mind of our search for inner and outer belonging. The album captures a life in the dichotomy of one’s own and the expectations of others, in the feeling of not living up to these expectations, in renewed attempts to free oneself from these expectations”, the duo said. HVOB managed to break free from the expectations even at the stage of TOO’s promotion. Instead of a standard promotional campaign – like two singles and a few interviews – HVOB released one track from TOO every month. This move created a sense of growth for the album. This growth makes a whole, complex story about searching for a better life from generation to generation.

The narrative is angry and fragile. Powerful and barely audible. Shy and determined at the same time. This constant musical searching for balance has sharp, emotional contrasts. And it’s worth hearing and seeing with your own eyes.

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