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TERROR ACTIVATOR new album presentation + special guests HYPERVERT & INSULATOR

(Noticis pasākums) TERROR ACTIVATOR new album presentation + special guests HYPERVERT & INSULATOR

28.04.2023 20:00
Republika, Rīga, Latvija

Pasākuma informācija

🔥On March 31 TERROR ACTIVATOR released their brand new single and lyric video “Two-Faced Gateway” from upcoming album “Forcibly Wasted” which will be available on April 20 on all streaming platforms.

Band about their single: “The song touches subtle topic of substance abuse. The phase captured is the beginning of the road that frequently starts with socially acceptable drug – alcohol. There’s a wide-spread opinion that, so called, “Gateway Drug” is Marijuana, which is true in plethora of stories, however, there’s always something prior to that. The most popular drug used and abused worldwide, the drug that majority of people are not afraid of trying as their first “high” is the mighty alcohol. It’s everywhere, so no doubt its mental and physical consequences are overlooked and people tend to not perceive it as a “drug”. Opening words “There was a time nothing would kick in” refers to point in life when a person drinks alcohol without taking it too seriously. There’s no more “high”, no more “kicking in”, just a regular occurrence. Once got used to it and under certain circumstances, the person decided to try something heavier and couldn’t come back to even being only addicted alcohol, regretting this decision every “cursed” morning. While blame is put on oneself, there’s also a disdain for a Two-Faced Gateway (alcohol) that unlocked these gates once, but didn’t let person out ever since.”
Terror Activator is a fast as hell combination of old school thrash metal and new wave of thrash metal, consists of 5 young hairy beercoholics that are always busy with partying, headbanging and playing some music that probably makes you wanna move and thrash around.
Terror Activator are crossover / thrash metal band from Riga, Latvia, founded in January 2017.
In 2019 ,on 20th of March, after almost 1,5 years of active performing, Terror Activator released their debut EP “Moshing is Available”.
The band has performed at numerous shows and festivals in the Baltics (Metalshow Open Air, Kilkim Žaibu) and have had the honor to share the stage with such a bands as „D.R.I, “Destroyer 666”, “Legion Of The Damned”, „Sepultura” and other bands.
This year, Latvian thrashers will participate in the summer open-air rock and metal music festival “Devilstone”, which has been held every year since 2009 in the city of Anykščiai in Lithuania.


Special guests:

🔥 HYPERVERT – a five piece dark’n’roll band created in 2018 in Riga, Latvia. The band plays modernized darker variations of rock’n’roll, blues rock, and hard rock tunes, seasoned with just a pinch of bone-crushing electronica.

The band was founded in the summer of 2022 in Riga by three friends: guitarist Alex F, drummer Alex P and bass guitarist Nick L. The band plays old school thrash metal.

🎫 Entrance fee at the door 8€
🎯 If you mark “GOING” at Facebook event, the entrance fee will be 5€

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