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Riga Groove Electro reunion

(Noticis pasākums) Riga Groove Electro reunion

12.07.2023 19:00

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Riga Groove Electro, founded in 2005 by band members Deniss Pashkevich, Neff Irizarry, Madars Kalnins, Norberts Skraucis, and Artis Orubs, is a groundbreaking electronic fusion music group that has captivated audiences with their dynamic performances and infectious sound. Their unique blend of electronic beats, groovy basslines, and mesmerizing melodies has earned them recognition on both national and international stages. In 2007, Riga Groove Electro proudly represented the Latvian nation on the Council of Baltic Sea States European tour, showcasing their musical prowess and cultural diversity. With their exhilarating live shows, combining live instruments, electronic production, and captivating visuals, Riga Groove Electro delivers an immersive experience that transcends boundaries. Prepare to be swept away by their infectious rhythms and embrace the electrifying atmosphere at their upcoming concert. Get ready to groove with Riga Groove Electro and experience the future of Baltic Electronic Funk/Fusion

elektro- ambienta noskaņa
no Harijs Ločmelis ( trompete, elektronikas )

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