STURM collective returns to ONE ONE for NOT just another edition of STURMKONZERT. This time is very special as we’re having our friends from Berlin-based label RAUBBAU over.
RAUBBAU, active since 2007, specializes in releasing fundamental post-industrial music, mostly focusing on the darker, colder and noisier spectrum of the genre. Label head DEL will provide selections of heavy electronics from his roster, while another long-time team affiliate Ogro will have a live premiere of his new formation, an experimental, power electronics leaning industrial duo BIHOTZ. No less special is a retrospective live performance of STROPS, one of the classical and most beloved STURM acts, that ceased to exist in 2007. In fact, it was RAUBBAU where the final, self-titled album of STROPS was released in 2008. To round up this celebration, SKD will play a DJ set of selected Latvian industrial bombers, while KNAB will do his trademark industrial and body music routine.


STROPS (Raubbau, Sturm)

DEL (Team Raubbau)
KNAB (Sturm)
SKD (Metaphysik, Sturm)

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