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(Noticis pasākums) MARA (SE) / SULLEN GUEST (LT) + HESYCHIA (LV) in RIGA

17.06.2022 20:00
Republika, Rīga, Latvija

Pasākuma informācija

MARA (SE) – Misty Death metal from the frozen shores of Sweden, fusing the sounds of misanthropy and spirituality. MARA gives a unique take on groove metal that draws influence from Thrash, Doom, Heavy metal and Melodic Death metal.

SULLEN GUEST (LT) – Death/Doom metal from Lithuania. True emotions inspired by fragility of life, the pain of the soul and death wrapped in old-schoolish sounds with some progressive elements.

HESYCHIA (LV) – Atmospheric Experimental Black metal band from Latvia

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