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(Noticis pasākums) LOBODA

01.12.2022 19:00
Klaipėdos Švyturio arena, Klaipėda, Lietuva

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Svetlana Loboda! She’s Ukrainian  icon in many areas, starting with singing and ending with script writing and fashion :singer, composer, musical and fashion producer, script writer

Svetlana Loboda was born on the 18th of October, 1982 in Kyiv.

Studying piano, conducting, variety and jazz vocal, having the experience of composer, leading role actress in musical, TV host, designer, photographer, singer in Ukraine’s, Russia’s and CIS most popular girls band and finally a solo artist, in her 27th year Svetlana has come up as one of the top music stars in her country.

From very early ages the future queen of epatage showed a strong tension for music and acting, showing the real home musicals for her parents and relatives on family holidays. In the specialized music school Svetlana studied piano and at the same time mastered the art of singing and conducting.

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